Since 2007, INCASA has an Environmental Management System (EMS)
based on the ISO 14001: 2015 standards, which expresses its commitment
to the continuous improvement of its processes and the community which belongs to.

Liquid Effluent Management

Our Wastewater treatment performs the physical-chemical and biological treatment of the liquid effluents generated in the Incasa industrial park, accomplishing with the standards of disposing according to the required legislation.

Atmosphere Emissions Management

Incasa has a high-performance equipments for the treatment of gaseous effluents. It is done monitoring through accredited laboratories, ensuring that emissions are not harmful to the environment.

Solid Waste Management

Our Solid Waste Management Program guarantees, in a sustainable way, the correct recovery of the waste still in the productive area, aimed on the generation reduction, and sending it to the final destination. The vast majority of the solid waste generated is destined for recycling or coprocessing, becoming it a sustainable solution.

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